Between the Sheets - GDRWA's Annual Love Scene Writing Contest Rules


To Be Announced

**Final judges are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances**


  • Any yet-to-be published RWA member in good standing, who is not contracted in full-length fiction by February 14, 2011. The term `Published' includes all non-vanity, non-subsidy publishers.


  • February 14, 2011 - Entries must be emailed to coordinator. Payment and entry form also to be received by contest coordinator by the deadline. Should the entry form or attachment not reach the coordinator by the deadline, the entry will not be judged - either portion received will be returned.

  • March 28, 2011 - Finalists notified.

  • May 4, 2011 - Final placements will be announced on or before this date.


  • Step 1: Entry Form: Entry forms are electronic only, and found on the Greater Detroit RWA's website at http://www.gdrwa.org. All blanks must be filled in. This entry form will automatically be submitted to the contest coordinator.

  • Step 2: $25 entry fee for non-GDRWA members and $21 entry fee for GDRWA members, via PayPal (president@gdrwa.org)~or~ contact the contest coordinator to snail-mail a check or money order payable to GDRWA with the entry form. Entry form and payment must arrive to the Contest Coordinator before the entry deadline and should precede receipt of the entry.

  • Step 3: Submit entry to the contest coordinator:


  • All entries are electronic.

  • Entries shall include a ten-page love scene (sweet to erotic) and a one-page unjudged set-up. The set-up is a synopsis that explains how the heroine and hero end up "between the sheets."

  • Use Standard Manuscript Format:

    Margins: No less than one-inch margins on all sides.
    Font: 12-point font (Courier and TNR acceptable).
    Lines: No more than 25 lines per page.
    Header should include: Title and Category at top left. Page number at top right. Example: TOO HOT TO HANDLE/ Short Contemporary.
    Your name cannot appear anywhere on the manuscript

    • To remove your name from properties
      In Word '07: File, go to Prepare, go to Properties, go to Summary
      In Word '03: File, go to Properties, go to Summary

  • Entries will be received in RTF (Rich Text Format) files only. (To convert your file to RTF, open the document, go into File, click on Save As and choose RTF format. This will create a new document with the same title in RTF format.)
  • Document title should be the title of the manuscript only.
  • Combine manuscript pages and set-up in one file - paste set-up at the beginning of the manuscript pages. All pages should be in standard manuscript format.
  • Email your entry to the Contest Coordinator as an attachment.
  • When emailing your attachment entry file to the coordinator, type BTS, the Entry Title in the subject line of your email. In the body of the email please include your full name, title of entry, form of payment used (check or Paypal). Also include whether or not your entry is compatible with Track Changes (judge's comments will be in Track Changes unless you indicate your program is not compatible).
  • Entrants will receive email confirmation for receipt of their entry.

Enter as many times as you wish, but a separate payment and entry form must be received for each entry. Entry form and payment should precede receipt of entry.


  • Each entry will have three first-round judges. Judges are encouraged to comment on manuscript pages.

  • The lowest of the three scores will be dropped, giving entrants a final total from their two highest scores. ALL three entries and scoresheets will be returned to the entrants.

  • The top four entries (more in case of a tie) will proceed to the final round.


  • 1st Place - $100 and certificate

  • 2nd Place - $50 and certificate

  • 3rd Place - $25 and certificate

  • 4th Place - Certificate


Email the contest coordinator Martha Warner marthawarner1@gmail.com


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