GDRWA meets the third Tuesday of every month except July and December from 7:30 - 10:00 p.m. (unless otherwise notified) at the Royal Oak Senior Center located on 3500 Marais Road in Royal Oak, Michigan, 48073.

We are dedicated to supporting the writing goals of all our members through networking, featured speakers covering topics on craft or business, critique sessions, and pitch practice. We work to provide a stimulating and productive environment for both the aspiring and the professional writer.

2020 Dates:

For more details about the meeting programs, please scroll down.

January 21

C.K. Brooke

April 21

Karen Rose

July 29 - Aug. 1

GDRWA is on break to attend RWA national conference held in San Francisco, CA!

October 20


February 18

Sylvia Hubbard

May 19

Lyssa Kay Adams

August 18


November 17

Critique night! Bring 3 pages to be read aloud and critiqued by members of GDRWA. Closed to guests.

March 17

Tara Eldana

June 16


September 15



GRDWA is on break for the holiday! We will meet at a location to be announced for dinner, prizes and fun. Closed to guests.

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January - C.K. Brooke

February - Sylvia Hubbard

"Five Ways to Get Noticed in a Flooded Market"


March - Tara Eldana

“Connect with Producers, Editors and Reporters” - News outlets need content - they have space or airtime to fill, every week, day, or month. They really want stories that will connect with readers/viewers. Focus and craft your pitch where and how you stand the best chance of telling your story and reaching people who want to buy your book.

April - Karen Rose

"Creating Chilling Villains" – What makes villains bad?  What kinds of behaviors can be associated with the different types of villains?  What are the characteristics of the truly believable – and scary – villains that will keep your readers turning the pages from beginning to end?  If you’re looking to create unforgettable bad guys, this is the workshop for you!  Join Internationally Bestselling author Karen Rose as she reveals the secrets to creating chilling villains.


May - Lyssa Kay Adams

"The Good, the Bad and the $#%! of Traditional Publishing…And Why It’s Definitely Worth Considering" - Just two years ago, Michigan author Lyssa Kay Adams was spinning her wheels in the indie market—struggling to find readers, sales and motivation. But after pitching a romantic comedy series on Twitter in March 2018, Adams landed an agent and a three-book contract with a Big 5 publisher. The first book in the series, The Bromance Book Club, was released in November and was selected by Amazon editors as the Best Romance of 2019. The second book in the series, Undercover Bromance, was recently named by Oprah Magazine as one of the most anticipated romances of 2020, and Adams is getting ready for her first national book tour. The sudden shift in Adams’ career has been a crash course in both the good and the bad about traditional publishing. In May, she’ll join the Detroit chapter to share some of the lessons she’s learned about how to be ready when big opportunities arise—and why you should keep your options open about which publishing path to take.

June - Radclyffe

In addition to an overview of the queer publishing industry in 2020, drawn from a 20 year experience publishing queer fiction - 75% of which is queer romance, Radclyffe will present a "mini-workshop" on craft.

"Integrating Key Romance Beats and the Three-act Story Structure" - Whether a plotter or a pantser, every romance author recognizes that certain scenes are essential to creating a successful romance. What's more--our readers, intuitively or consciously--are aware of this, too. When key scenes--or romance beats--are absent or in the "wrong place" in the romantic journey, the romance arc may peak too early, fall short of being believable, or fail to hold our reader's interest. This discussion focuses on the "how-to's" of avoiding writer's block, a plodding plot, or a sagging middle by identifying when to add a key romance beat in the three-act story structure. With these tools, authors can reliably count on crafting dynamic scenes from the opening page to the final resolution that will carry the reader inexorably forward to a satisfying conclusion.

Pitch meetings!

Let's talk queer romance! Please prepare a 6-8 minute pitch presenting your romance idea--target audience (think sub-genre), core conflict (think characters), theme, trope, setting and/or whatever makes this a memorable romance. If you're only partway there, bring what you have and we'll brainstorm.



July - RWA National Conference

Join Romance Writers of America for RWA2020 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, San Francisco, CA, July 29–Aug. 1, 2020

The RWA Conference is the place where career-focused romance writers gather to make lasting connections and grow their careers—and so much more. When 2,000 romance writers and industry professionals assemble in one place, the sense of community is undeniable.

At the conference, career-focused romance writers can anticipate:

  • education and information,
  • networking with fellow writers,
  • interaction with editors, agents, publishers, vendors, retailers, and other romance publishing industry professionals.



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old typewriter with a red rose





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November - Critique Night

Every year we dedicate one meeting to critique night. Please bring 3 printed pages of your current work-in-progress to be read aloud and critiqued by our GDRWA members. All authors bringing pages must notify the V.P. of Programming in advance of the meeting as there is limited time for 8 - 10 critiques. First come / first serve.

December - Celebration!

Members of GDRWA are welcome to join us at a location to be announced on the second Tuesday of December at 6:30 p.m. to celebrate another year of our chapter, recognize the winner of our Joan Shapiro service award for 2020, receive prizes, and have fun! An invitation to sign up will be emailed in November 2020 by the chapter president.

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A Recap of 2019 Speakers

Jan - Medicine Meets Fiction Panel

Feb - Heather Novak - Author Branding & Identity

Mar - Melanie Harlow - Feminism in Romance

Apr - Eileen Dreyer

May - Issues in the Romance genre

Jun - Beverly Jenkins

Jul - National RWA Conference in New York

Aug - Pitch Clinic

Sep - Patience Bloom, Senior Editor, Harlequin

Oct - Barbara Samuel

Dec - Holiday Party

How to Join...

General membership in GDRWA is open to all persons seriously pursuing a writing career in the romance genre.  Associate membership is open to other related professionals, who are members in good standing of National RWA. Click here to find out more.